Client’s problem

In their everyday production and sale processes, Borboleta is dealing with material purchasing, material transfers, goods release, etc. During their day to day work, employees are using variety of tools to monitor production, stock, customer reclamation and sales. In order to better and easier monitor the companies performance, they have decided to implement our ERP system.

Project main aims

  • to provide accurate stock and production cost valuation

  • implement POS solution

  • Compliance with Croatian fiscalization system

The company is growing at a fast pace so a flexible solution than can be easily expanded later on is a must.

How we solved it

After completing detailed GAP analysis, we collected client's business requirements and started with implementation. In production, we have incorporated MRP - planning, scheduling and inventory management system used to manage manufacturing processes where the materials needed for production can be located in a very simple way.

In retail, we have embedded POS system integrated with the ERP system. The POS interface is made to be customizable and easy to use in retail outlets. The whole POS was made in JavaScript and it is linked to the Croatian fiscal system.

We have solved the problem of unorganized reclamation process by installing the CLAIM system into ERP.

Business benefits gained

  • Faster and more efficient production monitoring

  • Systematic product reclamation tracking

  • Business centralisation

What does the client say about this project

"We highly recommend UVID as a partner on ERP implementations. Beside complete coverage in IT and accounting field, their team has a versatile knowledge of regional and local regulations, sale and retail, production processes and best practices. They are also highly professional and pleasant to work with."

Ante Fabris,
Borboleta d.o.o.

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