Client’s problem

Tigatech uses a lot of consignment contracts, sale commission agreements and independent sale representatives. Commission rules are very well defined but also very elaborate and hard to track manually with ever increasing sales. Examples include: Multiple levels ie: team leaders and additional company commissions per individual agents , different percentages per internal product category and partner category, connected categories, bonus and tracking “on sale” item trough pricelists etc.

Project main aims

  • Creation of a new module that is able to calculate commissions by predefined rules

  • Central control panel for commission definition

  • Must integrate and follow logic from existing modifications in sale and invoice modules

  • User friendly and easy to use

How we solved it

With very detailed specifications and clear commission rules we were able to build a solid foundation in form of a central control panel that defined how and when commissions apply. Minor modifications were also made in master data, mostly in partners. On top of this modifications we created an odoo wizard that is able to apply defined rules to sale, stock and invoice data and get exact commissions by partner, contact and internal product category. The wizard previews data for the user before finishing the process. The entire process can be canceled and recalculated if new data comes in.

Business benefits gained

  • Huge reduction in man hours needed to complete weekly / monthly commission report

  • Clear, transparent reports for Tigatech and commission partners / contacts

  • System that can be redefined by the user through a central control panel

  • Flexible, forgiving and easy to use wizard

  • Added functionality previously handled outside of ERP: Online event marketing and registration through odoo ecommerce, central certificate repository directly connected to products and LOT’s (document management)

What does the client say about this project

People at Uvid did a great job in transferring our vision and specification into a functional odoo business concept that covered all defined business processes. All tasks were done in professional and timely manner during which any urgent and important requirement was handled and solved in not more then 6 hours. We hope to continue this valuable cooperation during our growth.

Bruno Cindrić

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