Client’s problem

POS solution in retail stores was outdated and very difficult to maintain. There was no option to effectively manage special promotions, custom discounts, loyalty options and the POS wasn’t designed for modern interfaces.

Project main aims

  • to create and implement a modern Cloud POS solution

  • to eliminate downtime due to faulty app or internet connection

  • to have a fast and responsive interface that can work on PC, tablet and smartphone

  • to support credit card readers like addons for tablets

  • to support fiscalization for different EU countries

  • to be able to manage promotions, discounts and loyalty options from a central backoffice

  • to be able to predict supply chain problems before they emerge

  • to have a customizable dashboard reporting solution for store managers and brand managers

How we solved it

After analyzing all the requirements to support client’s business process, we created a complete POS solution from scratch. We’ve created a fast and responsive frontend using Angular and backend that can be integrated with various ERP systems.

Sale management is done from a central screen and the user (manager) can configure all of the options like promotions and discounts on the fly. POS is not dependent on internet, so it can work even without connection. When back online, it will sync itself automatically.

Business benefits gained

  • fast and accurate sale data for better business decisions

  • faster responses to sale trends on the field

  • no downtime, ever

What does the client say about this project

"Uvid created a powerfull custom POS. It will be a key factor in further growth and retail development. Well done!"

Tomislav Žunić,

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